Why not Stop Loss orders enabled in Bracket Orders?

Why zerodha not enabled Stop Loss orders in Bracket orders.Lot of traders want their trade begin only when certain price reached, but now its not possible. I think its not that difficult to enabled stop loss orders in BO because both Limit order and stop loss orders have same functions.

Well LIMIT & STOP LOSS orders, do not not actually work the same way. A limit order will only execute at the LIMIT price where as the stop loss orders can be set in 2 types (SL-LIMIT & SL Market). The SL-M order will execute at market price once its triggered hence the execution price remains unknown as its a market price. Even you you set a stop loss limit, you need to put a trigger price and limit price and the execution happens in the range between the 2 so here too we cannot be sure.

So when we are not sure of the price the order will get executed , then the actual TARGET & STOP LOSS which is pre-determined cannot be calculated because in BO we don’t actually put the SL & TARGET Price but give a range in points or ticks and its set to be placed in the system once the order executes.

However this can be still possible if the STOP LOSS & TARGET is set with actual value rather than a range, but will certainly make the UI a bit messy. A thought to be considered for sure for the next upgrade.

I use all the orders types depend on stock to stock hence I agree with your Ans. first part but what I want to say its not that difficult to enabled Stop loss orders and It will help a lot for active day traders. But as you said thought to be considered,… Thanks a Ton