Why Order Type is not available in Tradebook report? How to identify CNC & Intraday trades from tradebook?

why Order Type is not available in Tradebook report? How to identify CNC & Intraday trades from tradebook? If anyone knows please help me to figure out the same.

I’m guessing you are referring to the tradebook report available on Console, the backoffice. If yes, then you must know that product codes like ‘MIS’, ‘CNC’ are native to a trading platform. They have no relevance to the actual trades that take place on the Exchange. These are merely product codes created by brokers to allow their client to take positions under for getting margin/other benefits (MIS has benefit of being charged lower margins).

Technically an intraday trade is a trade where both legs (buy & sell) of the transactions take place on the same day. The transaction could happen in product code ‘CNC’, ‘MIS’, ‘NRML’ anything. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Reliance on CNC and sell 100 shares of Reliance on the same day under product type ‘CNC’, it’s still an intraday trade despite the product code used being ‘CNC’.

So the way for you to identify if a trade is intraday is to verify the number of shares/contracts bought and sold during the same day. All such trades will be intraday and the remaining will be delivery/overnight trades.


Hi Venu Madhav,

Above method is right but tedious. I have started to maintain my Trading Journal and want to add last month’s trades done in commodities where in I want to classify which were the Intraday trades (MIS) and which were Positional trades (NRML).

If you have nultiple trades during the month, identifying from Trade Book or Contract Notes is extremely tedious. Instead a colum showing order type (MIS or NRML) in Trade Book or Contract Notes would be much easier.

Hi @Pradip_Patil,

Were you able to get the answer? Even I am looking for this information so as to update my Trading Journal. Do let me know if you got any relevant answer.


Hi VenuMadhav,

I just saw your reply. I agree with your explanation and very well know that MIS, NRML, CNC etc are product codes used in Trading Platforms by brokers.

I need this information for determining my returns on margin blocked. I will take an example -
During the day I trade in Commodities, let’s say Silver.

I take trades based on 4 Hrs time frame & these trades are positional (NRML) henece have a higher margin requirements. These trades mostly run for more than 1 day as my entry & exit would be on different days. However, sometimes I may squareoff on the same day if I get exit signal.

I also take intraday (MIS) trades based on 1 hr time frame. These trades are squared off latest by 11 pm. Obviously these trades will have a lower margin requirements when compared to positional (MIS) trades.

So, in a day when I have multiple MIS trades and 1 NRML trade, I can’t distinguish NRML trade from MIS trades. Due to this I won’t know which trade had higher margin & which trade had lower margin. Also, sometimes when I have two NRML trades in a day & two or more MIS trades in a day, it compounds the problem.

This can be addressed by providing an identifier in Trade book if possible or provide a report of order book through which I can identify which trade was intraday and which trade was positional.

Hope I’ve clarified my issue & looking forward to an efficient way to address it. As of now, a very crude way is to keep taking download of order book everyday.