Why people trade intrday in stocks

Why does many day traders trade stocks instead of futures . Is the lot size only reason for someone to trade intraday instead of futures .


Futures are there only on about 200 stocks, also one of the reason is it need more money to trade in futures as it has predefined lot sizes.


because it completes all the action within a day!

Apart from what @siva said, there are also other concerns:

  • lack of liquidity in certain futures contracts
  • entry and exit have to be done in the min lot size only. In other words, if the lot size is 1000 shares, you can not exit partially (e.g. 400 shares)
  • Time to expiry is also a concern for swing trades because the contract expires by the end of the month.

-Neha (vrdnation.com)


@Prakhar_Agrawal : if you have good understanding with your broker ,you do not require to make any upfront margin payment for intra day but can settle finances by eod . however i have my doubts if any corporate brokerage house will give this facility to small investors . small broker where one to one discussion is possible, it is very much possible.

In addition to all the reasons listed above another could be putting psychological systems in place. If I trade intra-day instead of employing future contracts then I need to compulsorily square off my positions every day unless I hold enough conviction to take overnight deliveries.

Of course, in such cases, I wouldn’t be able to employ strategies such as short selling overnight however, knowing that there are no open positions at the end of each day I’ll sleep well.