Why Sentinel Triggers gets deactivated?

Hi Zerodha Sentinel Team,

I observed that usually once a Sentinel trigger is triggered, it gets deactivated after some time. I want to know why or in what condition these triggers gets deactivated?

I usually set triggers on last traded price. How can I set triggers so that it gets triggered every time price crosses above or below a price point.

For eg. I set trigger on price point say 270, and I want to buy/sell the stock on price 275. But on first day price reached on 270 and triggers gets triggered, but price did not reach upto 275 and goes back to 262.

Then, after say 4 days, price again reaches to 270, so trigger should again get activated, but when i looked at the trigger, I found it deactivated.

Can you please help me with above query? Thanks!

Further, earlier (as per my memory) Sentinel was offering unlimited triggers for price 200 Rs. Now, it’s offering only 200 triggers. Why you are not offering unlimited or atleast 400-500 Triggers? Thanks!

Once an alert is triggered on Sentinel, it will become inactive You can reactivate them from the “My Triggers” section.

Sentinel Pro was free for all our clients until June 30th. There has been no change in the number of triggers we offer in any of the plans.