Why should I submit a scanned signature proof while opening an account at Zerodha?

A requirement while opening an online account at Zerodha using AADHAR is to provide a scanned copy of the client’s signature. For what purpose is this signature proof collected?

This is both regulatory and operational requirement.

Similar to a bank cheque leaf, demat accounts have DIS booklet (delivery instructions) to move stock from one demat to another. These need to be signed. So we require a copy of your signature to cross reference this to. In online esigned documents, unless you upload a signature, it is not possible for us to know what exactly is yours.

Compliance requirement

As per CDSL - Point 2.4.17 of Annexure D (CDSL Communique - CDSL/OPS/DP/POLCY/3277 dated October 16, 2012):

The DP shall scan the signature(s) of the BO(s), authorised signatory(ies) and Power of Attorney holder(s), if any, at the time of account opening or immediately thereafter.

As per NSDL - (Circular No.: NSDL/POLICY/2007/0054 Date : September 22, 2007)

Client’s Signature would continue to remain as a single image i.e., the signature of all account holders would be scanned as a single image. However, POA holder’s (Authorized signatories in case of POA holder being a corporate or individual entity in whose favour POA is given) signature will be scanned separately and will not be a part of client’s signature.