Why so many not encouraging to do intra day in equity cash market?

Why so many not encouraging to do intra day in equity cash market?

I am not made for options and futures.

is it difficult to make profit in intraday cash market? any good experiences?

It’s better to learn the basics in stock market. You can try using quantities as per your risk tolerance. But cash market intraday is not good for long term or serious trading, as they have very less risk to reward ratio and huge charges which outweighs our returns in the long run.

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Would avoid cash market and just stick to index.

Liquidity and momentum will be the main issues with cash market. Heavy weight stocks with most liquidity like HDFCBANK, RELIANCE will only move 1-2% in a day which would mean you would have to capture the whole day momentum for any significant win, which will lead you to finding new stocks with enough volatility and liquidity on daily basis.

Since equity trading works like futures, not sure how will it be of help to you.

Well, it is evident you have been wrongly encouraged or met a wrong subset of people.

I know the basics of the stock market. But new to trading. so far invested… Do you trade basically?

correct big ones do not move much. but we have to find the momentum ones. The derivative’s success rate is very low. Does equity trading work like futures? no, in the future, we have to buy lots but not the case in the cash market.

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Yes, It seems I am listening to the wrong people. I have been doing intraday in the cash market for the past 11 days and it seems quite good. I do not know why people suggest that without doing by themselves. In the cash market, I am executing peacefully unlike sharp moves in derivatives.

Can you please give your candid feedback on your experience? @ronin_sha

Well , your post title is such. You get what you asked for. See ya

Well depending on which group of people you are listening to, many people suggest retailers to avoid derivatives market and many suggest that it is the easiest way to make daily income. Then there are people who suggest intraday in derivatives. And then there is a bunch who suggest intraday trading in cash markets. Then there are those who suggest buying good quality stocks and to sit on it for years. There are multiple ways to make money in market. One should choose the method that matches his / her personality. But every method is not equally effective for every person.

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Bro trading journey starts with being good at intraday trading in cash markets.
A good trader journey starts with being good at intraday. Then he graduates to futures, then options, then crude, then usd-inr and so on. u will learn position sizing and risk to reward all in intra day cash trading and that too with little bit of money.
Your technical will improve a lot once u master intraday.
The journey starts there…

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Not basics of stock market, but basics in stock market as I said. Both are totally different.

Detachment is a main key. Detach from profits, from losses, from advices, from statements.

Develop your own trading style. Take small losses, cuz you ll fucking lose many trades. Yes, you ll.

There is no exact timeframe that you need to make it. Some take years, some just quit. There is nothing concrete about it.

It’s just pure grit, persistence and your love for this game. And figuring a way out how to make money despite the losses.

Day trading ll teach you to be humble at the end.

And yes, you can just stick to cash market, if that’s what you feel you are good at. There is nothing as you are missing out if you are not on options.

Simplicity always works. You are human. You can do human level shit and make money. No need to do complex stuffs you can’t figure out, and fucking lose shitloads. There is nothing fancy in losing big.

But again, you have to go to levels of insanity. You can’t just skip that shit. You ld be much glad if you can see yourself again in next 5 years.

And know your cost for entering a trade. I shell out 0.11R per trade, which means rs 110 for 1000 risk unit.

When you get as intimate for your trading style, then you ll figure a way out.

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And go with a broker which lowers your cost of trading.

You can go with Espresso, considering its mis+ features, margins and no brokerages on losses.

I don’t wish to play smartass in Zerodha’s forum, but man, losses ll happen a lot. I feel for you. Hey, man that’s it.

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Does espresso works without any glitch or delay in order execution, especially in options index segment (intraday trades)? What’s your experience about this?

there is no difference in intraday between equity, and Futures and ITM Options.

there is no difference between equity and futures. Only difference is you get leverage in futures. If you don’t take leverage, you can buy equity or future no difference. Tax is also same on intraday.

equity is useful if you want to hold for positional trade for few days to few weeks. Then you enjoy the tax benefit of STCG.

i take trades as early as 9:15:16 to 9:18:00. These are what many would call avoid trading time. Anyway, all trades would neatly hit my intended SL’s. That’s the beauty of Espresso. Trades slide in smoothly and losses hit even smoother, just giving you the satisfaction.

I am yet to face any major glitches with them since their inception. I have faced one glitch on 21st aug 2023, for around half an hour where orders could not be modified. Traders’ nightmare.

I remember the dates, cuz I journal every trade day, and I trade daily ( almost).

I give the platform a solid A.
Reasons why I like Espresso-

  1. no lag in both the web app or the desktop app.
  2. blocks only one to two scripts for intraday, from my playbook. I trade cash.
  3. The MIS+, their modified version of a bracket order. God knows how much I have relied on that tool. Life saver.
  4. No brokerage on losing trades. Brokerages matters when you trade daily, and try to squeeze out the monies.
  5. Instant fund withdrawal. You can withdraw the amount you deposited the day itself. And it gets transferred back the day itself. . I am yet to see this feature with other brokers.
  6. Charts are well lit. Wish it had seconds chart, like Dhan.

What else you need? Trades should just go with the click, and you should be able to modify, exit at your desire.

I don’t endorse Espresso, it just fucking works so well for me.
updating image from my journal. just make things so authentico

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I don’t know who discouraged you for equity trading. Trade what helps you make money. That’s the ultimate purpose, no.

Great! I would love to try this platform, as i can rely on its efficiency and at the same time, it will help me to save some more money as i place 5-6 trades during the day. My accuracy is around 50%, so i know i can save a considerable chunk of money.

That’s cool, and then rest of day, do you avoid trading or take few trades?