Why some bank stocks under performed today?

Why some bank stocks under performed today? (HDFC, Kotak mahindra, yes bank)


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All are private banks, govt is infusing money to govt owner banks. That’s why stocks you mentioned under performed.

Axisbank and ICICIbank are also pvt but they r up… ICICIbank is 14% up… :scream:

Why was IDFCBank an under-performer, it is also a govt enterprise right or am I mistaken?

RBI has put fine on YesBank, IDFCBank.

RBI penalises Yes Bank & IDFC Bank for violations

About ICICIBank still a puzzle :scream: who/whr is the missing link?:sushing_face:

That’s a lame reason yesbank fined 6 cr and idfc 2 cr
Yesbank reports 800 cr pft… What is 6 cr
I think it might be rotational trade…
Sell golden stocks like hdfc indus yes
Buy gold looking (brass) stocks like bob pnbs and what not…
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@Lakshmikanth_Jadhav. No it’s a private bank, source Wikipedia, that’s why it underperformed
Check this out this may cause idfc to crash today.(https://m.economictimes.com/markets/stocks/earnings/idfc-bank-reports-40-yoy-fall-in-q2-net-profit/articleshow/61220567.cms)

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@KarthikNarayan thank you. I had always thought IDFC is a govt organization. Thanks for enlightening. Just goes to show how small things like this impairs decision making, took a position in this bank y’day as I thought this is the only Govt bank which has not run-up, but now I have to take steps to manage my exit. Adding to that the poor results.

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How you could do this sir @Lakshmikanth_Jadhav
You should have waited for the movement.
Plan your exit smartly.

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Sure @Lets_Invest. Thank you.

Please do the research better from next time sir within minutes you can get all information available online. All the best.