Why some NSE scripts have more than one category(N1,N2 etc. )?

Some Scripts in NSE are assigned to more than one category. Like SBIN, it is in EQ and can also be seen in N1, N2 etc. When listing SBIN in historical data section of NSE website, for each day there is multiple entries, one each of each category. Also the price of N1, N2 … is different from EQ price. Why this is so ?


Every scrip is having certain percentage of shares allocated to Foreigen Institutional Investors (FII) and Qualified Foreign Investors (QFI). Such people when they transfer from one institution to other foreign institution, the overall percentage of foreign investment remains same. They do not transfer such share through retail market’s EQ category. They use the N1 and N2 category.

In such a case, for the same day, a scrip will have more than one set of values, one under EQ and other under N1, say.

For details, read these exchange segments link from nse.


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