Why such high stt?

Why such huge taxes on jus small profit…??
its jus a small quick trade.
and another thing is i jus did 5 trades why brokerge 153

Could you list out the trades you did?

it executed like nearly 30 trades… @Srinivas

STT, Govt doesn’t care if u do intraday or delivery it charges this amount of STT for delivery, so according to that it’s less, when u do intraday it piles up and adds.
How many orders did u use to execute 5 trades? Send screenshot of order window.

Did you get the math for how the STT and brokerage were charged for your trades?

These are the charges for equity intraday trades. The charges will be exactly as per this table.

image image

As per your screenshot, the brokerage for these 5 entry trades are 20, 20, 0.03, 16.58 and 20 while the brokerage for the 5 exit trades are 20, 20, 0.03, 16.56 and 20. This adds up to 153.


For Zerodha the max brokerage per leg is 20 (if your trade value is greater than ₹ 2,00,000)
You did 5 trades. That means 10 legs(Buy and Sell)
So Max brokerage will be 2010=200
Another way to explain is :
For each trade you need to pay Max brokerage of 20+20=40. So for 5 trades 40
In your 5 trades only #1, #2, & #5 trades have traded value greater than 2 lakhs, hence for them total brokerage will be 6*20 = 120
For trades #3, & #4 it will be just 0.01%.

So HOW you got confused?
150 is not much. Its actually least.