Why the IPO bidding details available in NSE and BSE differ for any particular share?

I was checking the IPO bidding details for HDFC Life IPO in BSE and NSE, and they both show different numbers for bidding/subscriptions. How is this possible?

Where are you seeing this?




The ‘number of shares bid for’ shows a much higher value in BSE than NSE as a result of which ‘the number of times of total meant for the category’ also shows a different value, even though both bid details are updated at the same time.

Hmm, we’ll have to find out from NSE why such a stark difference in bid values. Will try and contact them. You should too.

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Anything you found?

I spoke to like a 100 people at NSE before getting the number of the final point of contact for IPO listings, and then he didn’t answer my call.