Why there is no any notification about IPO allotment?

Hello Community, Good Day,
I am Yuvraj here and I am new to this platform and IPO ecosystem.

I applied for my first IPO on CMS Info Systems Limited last week using Zerodha and today is the Allotment finalisation date but still have not received any SMS or email about the allotment.

also checked BSE (formerly Bombay Stock Exchange) here but show no record found.

Can anyone explain what is next step is and it is common to not receive any notification?

Thanks in advance.

The dates are tentative and sometimes the allotment can be delayed. One the allotment is finalized, the RTA will update details on its portfolio. You can check it for CMS Info Systems here.

Also, upon successful or unsuccessful allotment you will receive email from us. If you’ve received the allotment, you will also get email from CDSL when shares are credited to your Demat account.

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Hello @ShubhS9
Thanks for the information,

but there is no option in a select box so after entering the application or PAN number it shows an undefined error.

Okay, no worries and thanks for the information.

The allotment details would’ve not been updated yet. You can check again later.

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