Why This Happens with Me?

Still you are noob bro.,:rofl:

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You seem to be commenting like youtube commenter.

That has happened to me frequently as well and had the same question. From your Q and other answers, it feels better to know that it is a common issue. Its a market and the movement depends on various factors, and should not worry much as long as you keep targets and make enough profits at the end of the day. Just think you are sharing some profits with your other friends in the market :slight_smile:

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Ahhh. Thats sure ur shorting levels were wrong. In ur half posted chart, as a price action trader, there seems a clear breakdown near R1 levels and retest of breakdown is in process. Everyone have there own trading rules so may be urs too and after backtests, u may have employed it in ur trading style. If not, pls do it. Its easy although to comment on already plotted charts but as a professional, u must go through process of breakouts and implement. Just forget readymade plotted R1s R2s and plot ur own based on historicals charts. U may start believing on your own. Gd luck.

nothing. you did nothing wrong.

support broken? what do you expect?

Chances are still 50/50 even if S/R is held or broken.

actually you did nothing wrong!! this is how it is with any form of analysis and trading… does not matter how good analysis you do chances of success and failure are equal 50 - 50 percentage… imo trading is more about managing the risk by having strict stoploss in place and protecting your capital in long run… if you have strict stoploss in place then if your strategy works only 50 percent of the times even then you will be profitable.

and also, everyday we get to learn something new in markets while trading… this is one filed where you never stop learning and improving.

Nowadays one vaccine tweet is enough to reverse the shorted stocks trend. No technicals can predict current market scenario. Dont lose hard earned money in trading

Your predictions about market targets are like indoor guys msg and comments like moneycontrol forum.

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Its a common thing, happens to most of the traders,Going by the chart you are posted , your short position was after a gap down , and look at the volume bars , green bar was higher then red at the opening means, there was a big buy on the gap down , If you can back test gap down and gap up s most of the times , they reverse , and also the TF you are selected is not clear if it is too short , its better to select bit higher for intra-day or if it is swing trading select much higher TF, but make sure prevailing trends of the stock or index on higher TF

Who says it broke support ?? :smirk: :smirk: :smirk: Start using trendlines :wink: :wink:

right… pivot points aren’t good to trade support and resistance levels, @Akash_Preet if you want to use support and resistance it is always best to draw your own levels… pivot point is just another indicator which is plotted based on price and will never work like manually drawn support - resistance levels.

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Definitely not a indore guy this side it’s just backed up by methods and not a blind guess.lets just wait and watch as per the system it says 02 dec 2020 nifty may fall 200 pts from open.

Too many people replied not sure if you see this. Balance your short with a options call next time. Hope it helps

The guy is trying to learn to play stocks and you are advising him to trade options which if goes wrong is the fastest way to financial ruin. :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

We can’t predict the market…
So always keep SL loss…

Guessing 5 out of 10 was good one…

Don’t take looses to :heartbeat:

same prob, low capital high tax

Learn price action rather than finding indicators.go search in google you’ll find a lot books on price action.indicators sucks.and other thing is market moves based on one thing.and all the theories and great trader’s used the same method but it was only differentiated by name . you’ll get find it when you’re learning and reading books. But I’m not gonna say on which thing market moves.find it yourself you’ll self satisfaction. If you’re worthy enough you’ll find it out early.otherwise it’ll take time to reach you.

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Always trade with drawing pattern with breakout or Supply and demand zone make an entry/Exit. Seems It may be, your entry of next candle could bounced from Demand zone.

Bulls need some rest,tomorrow you could resume your duty

Use Alligator with 5 minutes time frame for intraday trades.