Why This Happens with Me?

Hey Folks
am tired…every time i buy or short stocks they went opposite to my position or went in sideways. Look at this trade

i shorted at yellow point because it has broken the support…but it again went up…

why??? what am i doing wrong???

Its quite common man.

Cheer up.

Make yourself some rules to trade and back test them using charts.

You can observe how common it is.

You can also observe profitable trades too in sequence.

I regularly face long loss trades streak as well as long profit trades streak.

Keeping your profit trades little bit bigger is all the secret.


It is quite common man!
Dont worry it happens with even the best.
I suggest you use a few more leading indicators and get an idea.
In the end do not worry about it, happens with everyone.

bro can u suggest any indicators…am using rsi+ema 20 + pivot point

am having 10000rs capital bcz am learning. i dnt want to loose much capital so i opted for 10000 only.
the problem with 10000 is that,…
i divide my capital into 3 parts…3400approx each

then i use margin in zerodha to buy shares.
if i add a stop loss it got easily triggered bcz of low capital…can u suggest me how to set stop loss pls

plus taxes are also a very big thing for low capital… with 10000 and using margin … i can maximum earn 300 to 400rs per day and almost i pay 100rs tax…mostly 0.1% of profit of any trade goes into tax


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Happy Investing

So basic tools these are harder to yield results.

can u recommend any bro???


Try doing opposite then, buy when you feel like shorting and vice versa :joy:


Sam even then loss would occur i tries this years back

Haha That was in a light banter. explore some strategies I would suggest and backtest it.

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What you so with the capital?means which instrument?

i trade in equity market only…mainly nofty50 stocks

soo how do u trade…when to buy???sell???


I can find many red flags here, firstly your entry was terrible because it was way too early, the best entry would have been on the break of previous low near that support which didn’t happen so you could have avoided it.

The Volume was low, just analyse the volume.

Never rely on Pivot Points, construct your own R & S levels.

Only trade near critical levels, that is why constructing your own R & S levels is better. if you trade intraday levels you will get faked most of the times so trade on higher time frame CLs.

Learn Level II reading.

Finally, journal your trades. Write down why you went wrong and how you could improve.

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What you’re doing wrong is thinking that just shorting a breakdown or buying a breakout will make money.
Think about this- even a layman knows that when support is broken you short, and vice versa. But laymen don’t make money in the market.

TBH, JUST a breakout/breakdown is very poor entry points for any trade from a risk management perspective. In most of these trades (like yours), a sizable move has already happened before you enter (when price came down from R2 in your case). So you’re holding a trade with likely not even 1:2 risk reward.

The move you should be a part of should be explosive. Once you shorted, the next 2-3 candles make it clear that its not a good entry. So cut your loss earlier and wait for such a move.

@Raymond_Reddington @parthpahuja
thank you soo much for your valuable answers.
I was relying pon pivot point too much… but as @Raymond_Reddington saidd i have to draw my own resistance and support level. thank you soo much guys…

one thing more…can u please tell me how to set stop loss…bcz due to my low capital…1:2 ratio stop loss gets triggered easily…
and like today…i didint find much movements in nifty50 stocks…(i am noob at trading…thats why)
can u please tell me how to choose stocks for next day intraday trading

When i was a noob i came through these things support resistance indicators all such thing they are lagging which means they follow price.