Why this sudden storm of Multi Asset Fund NFOs? What are fund managers thinking?

Lot of investors are manually doing it already by putting in stocks, international MFs, SGBs, digital gold, debt funds etc. Diversification is becoming more popular as investor awareness increases.

Multi asset funds allow you to invest in 1 fund and divest easily

i love multi asset mutual fund –

lowest and stable rteurn multi asset fund is - tata multi asset oppourtunities fund

i invested 35 lakhs - every year around average 17% giving - not too much volitaile

compare 2020 crash - nifty fallen 35% - but tata multi asset oppourtunities fund fallen 13% only


No I meant why now? All at once? Multi Asset has been in existence for over 10 years now (by only a couple of AMCs).

Just copying each other. Doesn’t take much to release an NFO.