Why UNITDSPR and MCDOWELL-N keeps changing in my portfolio?

I purchased some shares of UNITDSPR BSE but yesterday MCDOWELL-N was showing in my portfolio and now today again it has changed to UNITDSPR.

Is this normal ? I understand both are same company but why are they changing the scrip?

Kite holdings will show the exchange price where the previous closing was higher. So if price was higher on NSE it will show as MCDOWELL-N and if price was higher on BSE it will show as UNITDSPR, both are same company but there is difference between naming of Symbol on NSE and BSE.

You can read more on this here.

I have a query about this feature. Are there some other criteria (other than closing price) also involved in deciding which exchange’s symbol is selected for the day? The reason I ask this is because I noticed in some instances where exchange with higher closing price wasn’t selected (screenshot below). Or is this issue specific to G-Secs only (as I have experienced a similar thing a few months back as well - Question about G-Secs showing up in Holdings tab - #6 by Prayag) ?