Why Vodafone Idea Stock crashed 38% today

Can someone please explain why Vodafone Idea stock crashed more than 38% today?. What’s the reason behind it?.

@Nikhil_Verma ; it turned EX rights from today .

What is that means bro?. Are you talking about that 25000cr right issue that they sold on 12 rupees per share?.

if you have purchased on or before 28 march you get RIGHT to apply shares at 12.50 per share during april 10 toi 24 . rights is in the ratio of 87 FIRM for every 38 held .

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Aah ok got it… thanks for your reply…

I hold 600 shares of Vodafone idea @40.50
Now its trading trim down price 17.50 now my portfolio is 50% down,
I want to know after issuing rights shares will the stock price crash more?
I’m not interested to apply for rights.
I’ll sell it as bad investment!

Telecom and airline are dead

I cannot be quite sure what actually happened as there are no some significantly negative news related to this company. Anyway, as Vinay already noted, telecom, airlines and banks are not a good pick of stocks to invest in

Idea, airtel have been in losses for quite sometime & Jio is killing the market. Better to stay away from any high debt-loss making companies.