Why yesterday close price is different in 1min and 1 day candle


I have noticed that in kite , close price is different in 1min and 1 day candle.I saw there is support/resistance in both that price level… but still why its different


Intra-day charts OHLC values in Kite are not 100% reliable. This issue was highlighted to them countless times, but they have a standard reply. Try using charts on investing.com.



For minute close it is LTP of that particular minute, where as for a day close is last 30 mins volume weighted average price, so both will be different.


Problem is when I try to programatically replicate indicators from chartIQ , sometimes indicators (moving averages) takes close value from 1 day candle , some indicators (pivot points) take close from 1 min candle . So its confusing .

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Okay, but it is like that only, nothing wrong with LTPs.