Why zerodha charges, brokerage for equity delivery trades?

On your website you told "Unlimited free equity delivery trades".
I bought 10 PNB @ 117.55 on 7/7/2016 and sold those @ 125.50 on 12/7/2016.
Please clarify the reason of charging rupees 0.02 as brokerage?

Following is the screenshot of the P/L statement.

You are worry about 0.02. LOL.

I think a contract is void if there is no consideration. So they would have charged 1 paisa on each side. And mentioning 1 paisa per trade is not as catchy as free! After all Zerodha is there to make money and they might have used the more eye catching slogan!

For Delivery based trades, a minimum of Rs. 0.01 will be charged per contract note. (As per taxation rules, a service can’t be provided for an absolute 0 fee, due to which a token amount of 1 paisa is charged)

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