Why Zerodha has stopped absolutely zero brokerage for delivery

Recently I have observed Zerodha has stopped absolutely free delivery based investment.
Now it is charging a charge of 0.01 Paisa per order it seems .

0.01 is contract note charge. It is mentioned on Zerodha’s charge list, you can also find it on Support page.

Though it doesn’t makes any difference. But initially it wasn’t applicable like two three month back.

That is like a token amount we charge as we can’t offer the service for free as per law.


It was always applicable. This charge is mentioned in Equity form since forever.

You shouldn’t trade the markets if you have a problem paying 1 paisa per day.

No one entitles you to dictate me weather I should trade or not. I had a query so I asked you don’t need to turn sarcastic.

And it is not even 1 paisa, it is .01 paisa