Why Zerodha PI crashes 7 to 8 Times Daily?

Its annoying, irritating and also can result in losses. The time it takes to again log in can make or break your day. Why PI keeps on crashing/freezing? Can’t it work properly for atleast a day?

Now its happening daily. Zerodha support team suggested to use Nest Platform as PI is vulnerable. I do not like Nest (not userfriendly). Can anybody help in getting PI sorted?

It might have to do with your internet or system configuration. Can you write to [email protected] to get it sorted. Meanwhile, can you give Kite a try https://kite.zerodha.com

hi siva, my internet speed is 3 Mbps. My system is in perfect condition. I have already written to [email protected] but they too said that PI is vulnerable and instead gave me suggestion to install Nest platform. I have uninstalled Nest as I find it not user friendly. I continue to use PI and it is irritating when it crashes. Today I had to log in 7 to 8 times.

Is anyone looking to fix this bug? I have once again sent email to support.

Will get it checked tomorrow. You can drop a mail to [email protected] on this.