Will declaring 8% profit instead of tax audit for intraday loss cause problem?

I have 18K loss in intraday. Tax audit will cost 10K+.
I read in thread, that I can show 8% as profit and avoid tax audit. I want to know if that cause any trouble in future?
I don’t want to spent 10K+ for CA services at this time.
Also if anyone know cheap/affordable CAs also, it will be helpful (not ClearTax)

Turn over is 20K, Loss is 18K


Intraday cash segment is considered as speculation business which should be disclosed separately.
Loss can be carried forward and set off against speculation business alone.
Tax audit depend on turnover and not on P/L.

Dear sir it depends upon the turnover if turnover is in lakhs and you declare profit (while actually you made a loss)then we cant say anything concrete.

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Tax Audit for speculation is mandatory if you declare loss.

My turn over is 20K, and 18K loss

I don’t see any provision in IT act related to this. Can u show me this clause?

Read this thread

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This is not correct as far as i know.
Salary income is computed separately and does not come under 44AB.
Tax audit is for business income only .
So if your turnover is under the limit mentioned in 44AB, it doesn’t matter if you have loss. Tax audit is not applicable. No reason to go for presumptive basis as you cannot get benefit of carry forward and set off of loss.


An audit is required if,

  • Turnover for financial year is > ₹1 crore
  • If turnover < ₹1 crore and profitability is less than 6% of turnover (Section 44 AB)

my turnover is 20K
profitability is -18K (-90%)

according to this I need tax audit right?

Theoretically correct but don’t worry wait

If the Turnover is upto INR 1 Cr, profit is less than 6% of turnover and Total Income is more than Basic
Exemption Limit, Tax Audit is mandatory.

In your case, if the total income is less than the basic exemption limit of INR 2,50,000, Tax Audit is not applicable. You can thus prepare financial statements and file ITR-3 by claiming the intraday loss as speculative business loss.

However, if Tax Audit is applicable, you may report 6% of turnover as profit to avoid the same, It must be noted that the Assessing Officer may issue an income tax notice.
Here is a CA Assisted Plan for filing Income Tax Return for trading income ITR for Intraday Traders. If you are a Zerodha Trader, you can avail of a 20% discount.

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This total income includes salary income as well, together with the trading income, correct? Its not just the trading income alone.


Yes, it is inclusive of salary income, trading income and IFOS.