Will I be chraged with demat charges if I buy today and sell in T1 or T2 day

Assume I buy some shares on Monday

Will I be charged for Demat charges for below scenarios (basically before the shares are credited to my account)

  1. Sell on Tuesday 
  2. Sell on Wednesday


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If you are trading at Zerodha, there won’t be any DP charges for selling on T1. But most other brokers do.


yup am with Zerodha.
So basically until shares get into my demat account, I can sell them without paying any DP charges. true?

Yes, no charges unless you sell after taking delivery to demat.

Sorry for this very basic question…on a forum that is dated 2015…

  1. So what needs to be done to avoid incurring the DP charges ?
  2. Why are the DP charges not mentioned in the Contract Notes that are sent ?
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If both holdings and T1 of a stock held. When sold, stocks which are in demat debited first.! :sob:
so this system made to suck clients money by DP charges…LOL

  1. If you sell on T1 or even T2 days there can not be any DP charges as the settlement at bse/nse in t plus2 however with such sale you are carrying a rare risk of your purchased share not being delivered by selling broker.in such case your sold shares do go for auction but it is a very rare risk.
    to avoid DP charges you can ask your broker not to transfer shares in your demat but keep in his pool account but it is not advisable for both be it broker or client.
  2. DP charges are charged by Depository Participants which has no relation with brokers contract even if broker and dp are same . DP can be independent of broker too like Shcl or banks.

Zerodha: "If both holdings and T1 of a stock held. When sold, stocks which are in demat debited first.! "

why cant Zerodha debit T1 first? so it avoids DP charges to clients. for BTST SBI CAP Securities provided nice facility to its clients !

@Anil_Kumar_JS_Vernek : to debit T1 against sale there is a rare risk of selling broker not delivering shares than your sold shares will get auction. under demat accounts with POA it is advisable to debit demated shares which is 100% risk free.
Any BTST trade carry the usual market risk that in case of your Bought not delivered by seller your sold will go for auction/square off.it is a rare risk but risk is a risk. BTST can be done in any shares even in T2T group shares too.

if a client have one qty in demat account . and he buy a single stock today and if tomorrow its rate raised to 8 Rs profit! . even then he cant sell his stock on T1! because Zerodha sells his Dmat account stock. where client need to pay DP charge it self 16 Rs …LOL. ( why we choose Zerodha, because of its low Brokerage! right)
BTST and MIS are always challenging and risky business to clients! … Zerodha making its Risk Free business by selling Dmat stock of client…LOL