Will I make the money like this …

i am an intraday fno trader only .
i want to utilize the idle cash lying in the account every all the nights .

will I make the money like this …. say e.g. :
everyday @ 3.25 pm I buy the liquidbees with all the funds in my account ; then sell them all the next day 9.20 am .
do the intraday fno from 9.30 am to 3.15 pm with the fund received .
then repeat the above process !

Transaction cost is there. U may have to cross bid ask spread. That is assuming if u get dividend. However ur shares r always in transit. You may not get dividend. Moreover, u may not get ur cash back immediately. Zerodha can explain operational part.

Pledge your liquid funds instead. You will receive margin after a haircut. It’ll save operational cost and spread risk. And you’ll continue to receive dividend. Since you’re riding intraday trades you don’t need 50% cash from your side apart from the collateral margin.