Will Indian futures be traded around the clock in the future?

Like the global market for futures will Indian future contracts be traded 24 * 5.

In the long run trading volume must increase as:

  1. markets become more efficient,
  2. less risk with leverage as there are no gaps
  3. less volatility as the trading volume is more spread out throughout
  4. Institutional clients put in more money in a stable market
  5. Retail people can hedge their positions in case of news.
    6.Some retail traders can trade after their work

Brokers these days are automated and have different servers running, no problem for them

Full-time traders will get more opportunities if they use technology like streak to their advantage. Well atleast the traders who make good money don’t sit in front of the screen all day long.

why is it not being done as it was proposed a few months ago?


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Increase in working hours to service providers, directly or indirectly. They wont let it happen.

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