Will My iron condor margin requirements increase before expiry?

I am in an iron condor position, I just received an email from zerodha saying that the margin requirements increase on wednesday of the expiry week.
So, now Marutis spot is at 7160.
I have an iron condor that is of 6900 PE buy, 7000 PE sell, 7300 CE sell, and 7400 CE buy. At the moment my margin blocked is 55k.
So, tomorrow(wednesday), will my margin increase?

Yes, your margin requirement will increase to twice of SPAN + Exposure margin.

I am getting confused in the calculations here. The margin requirement will double on each leg of the strategy or on the entire position?
I calculated, if on each leg then 55k margin increases to a whopping 398k.
And if it’s on the entire position, then it doubles from 55k to 110k.
So, which is it?

These are current margin requirements for your Iorn Condor position.

On last two days of expiry week, SPAN + Exposure margin will increase to twice of current requirement for Short positions.

The margin requirment for both 7000 PE and 7300 CE will increase from 170k to 340k each, so your total margin requirement for both positions will be 680k (340k for 7000 PE and 340k for 7300 CE), for holding long positions you are also getting margin benefit of 280k which you will continue to get, so your final margin requirement will be 400k (680k - 280k margin benefit).

Also, do keep in mind, if your OTM Long position turns ITM, exchange charges physical delivery margins on that position as well. You can learn more here.

So in this case my position will be squared off as soon as the market opens? Or do I get time till the end of the day?

It is up to RMS, best if you add funds in the morning.

Okay, thanks for the help.