Will Nifty Bottom OUT at 10k Levels?


Nifty Currently at 10100, Will Nifty Bottom OUT at these 10K Levels?

  • Yes. Looks Like Nifty will find a long term support here.
  • No. The bottom seems to be more deeper.

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Seems you’re heavily invested and really worried?


Nice demand zone there … likely to spend some time

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Its the other way round, waiting with the net to make a big catch on the Index at the bottom.

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Then You’re really lucky , surely there’ll be a catch but immediately or not, is unsure.

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Weren’t you sharing your trading diary? What happened then now?


Hey you saw that …going good so far haven’t received any quality signal for 3 days …I have not posted two trade one was lose and other was profitable didn’t post tho


Everyone saw that and enjoyed :+1: :wink:

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Thank you I’ll try to post more

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Sure do

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@portfolioplus911 from next poll onwards, add not sure or something also as option, it’s missing :grin: :smile:

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Now days INDIAVIX is at HIGH Range LAST 15DAYS – 17.2 to 21.8
Wait to come down INDIAVIX range 14 ---- 16 with upper cap 16
then only signal of bottom :wink:

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As i had stated few days back with charts, i see nifty strong support at 9740…


Since Jhunjhunwala told 10000 will not break, I guess we got the answer to this dilemma

Right? :smile: