Will Nifty Break trading Range?

Nifty is being trading in a range for many days , with , almost the same patterns as , it did in 2018 , and in that process Nifty has created a H&S pattern . Interestingly Red candle created on weekly & Monthly chart are identical , I am assuming a break down in Nifty trading range , So there will be a spike in selling pressure . Your thoughts if you are interested in TA.

I think your question is incomplete, ofcourse it will break trading range some day. If you are asking about September, I dont think it will.

Also even last time traders were talking about H&S patterns and Elliot waves and what not, and then lot of traders got wiped out in March 2019. Better to follow the market in such cases, because anything can happen.

Regarding your analysis, its perfect. But that’s the problem, because most traders have the same analysis. And this market becomes very dangerous when something is clear on the charts as was during March 2019 also LOL.

:slightly_smiling_face: you are right , and that thing happened today!!!

Haha this is more than anything, even the biggest of bulls cant expect this

This market is certified mental now :laughing:

This is, over Exuberance soon sentiment will die down

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