Will Trading/ investing ever be banned for retailers?

This question might be meaning less but I still want to get various opinions about it. Read the full question.

Recently we got the new SEBI rules etc which is affecting retailers and lot of people are protesting in social media with the hashtag (sebi against retailers) and all such things.

I also read a message from a person who said that the authorities want only the big guys (HNIs and institutions) to trade (any segment).
So looking at all these, when the SEBI and the respective authorities bringing in a lot of restrictions specially for common man.

A question struck my mind, what if the stock market is banned ( for retailers) . Will such a thing happen. Is it possible for such a thing to happen ?

P.S - Suddenly I got all these questions after seeing the new margin rules and other regulations that affects the retailers.

What do you guys think ?

Completely banning trading for all retailers seem really far fetched. It feels that the regulator is mostly concerned about excessive leverage in the system. And along this line, SEBI can make further rules that to use leverage and trade in derivatives you need to have minimum this much net worth, etc just like the concept of accredited investors. But banning trading completely seems highly unlikely.

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