Will Zerodha come on virtual reality?

At future zerodha kite platform comes on virtual reality mode ,it’s possible just I ask you zerodha team,we visually analysis in big screen it’s good for trading .

Don’t think it would be feasible in the next couple of years. I don’t think any broker across the world provides that, also to make use of the same you would require a typically fast computer and similarly a fast graphics card to render the same, more than 75-90% of current users would have to upgrade their hardware to make use of the same if it’s brought in the future. Also you would require a VR headset, else if there’s feasible 3D holographic projection technology then it would be a different matter. :wink:

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I do agree with the last poster here, I am highly doubt it will be really achievable anyway. How else do you think it will be going further anyway? Not many people really feel the need of that thing. It’s more like bubble of tech in our time.