Will Zerodha Open window for Mphasis Buyback

Will Zerodha will open It’s Buyback window for Mphasis Stock Buyback which is scheduled from 07/12/2018 to 20/12/2018?

You will have to create a ticket here http://support.zerodha.com/ under the buyback topic.

@RKMAURYA ; IS there any doubt that window will not open at 07 December at your broker ? not possible in my view however on last day which is 20 December broker may close accepting bids bids till 3-4 hours before schedule time of 3 pm for administrative convenience.

I did raise a ticket and received the feedback that an appropriate menu will be created by Dec 7th

Thanks amit for your valuable feedback.

Proactive approach is better than making assumption. Confirm feedback is good. thanks for your reply.

The NSE circular on the buyback - FYI

On a side note, is it essential to apply for buyback via broker? Can the application be directly sent to Registrar appointed by the company?

it is MUST to participate in Buyback , D listing and most of the open offers through your registered member broker of exchange. Almost all buybacks are at BSE but some are at bse and nse both the exchanges.

What would be expected acceptance ratio for Mphasis? Could you please share your view on TATA Invest Buyback and expected acceptance ratio?


@rscs : it has become very tough to take a view on likely a/r considering their is BAHAR OF BUYBACKS … Monte carlo ,Skf ,Bosch ,Techno electric ,Bhel ,Cochin shipyard ,Larsen ,Just dial ,Oil india ,tata investments ,etc etc.


I had mphasis shares on record date. Now in Zerodha q backoffice site i placed online request. The order is just saved with bid quantity i mentioned. Now is it all done on my part? Or any other action to be done?

@Bhuvan kindly request to clarify on my above question. Is it enough to login to q back office and simply save mphasis bid quantity?

As on record date i had eligible shares and i will retain in the holding


You have done your part, rest Zerodha will do.