Will zerodha waive off Account opening charges?


While browsing through a website called select by finology which compares various brokers I found something interesting:

Many brokers except zerodha have waived off their account opening charges which leaves me with 2 questions

  1. Is it really sustainable for discount brokers?
  2. Will zerodha do the same?

While other brokers may not be technologically similar to zerodha but upstocks is one which is giving competition to zerodha with pricing almost similar and no account opening charges.

What do you think?

There is a cost of onboarding a customer, we charge an account opening fees to recover it. Also by having an account opening fees, we ensure there is an intent from the customer to do something with a trading/demat account. Just opening an account doesn’t help the business.

Btw, I don’t think other brokers are technologically or similar in any other form, apart from the pricing model. Check this.

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Thanks for the clarification.