Wisdom capital is providing 60x leverage, is it possible after the new rules?

Wisdom Capital is providing 60x leverage, is it possible after the new rules? And they have been doing it for the last few years, at least that is what their site says. https://wisdomcapital.in/margin-calculator/

This won’t be possible once new rules are implemented, max leverage any broker will be able to provide after the new rules are in full effect will be 5x in Equity and there will be no leverage for Intraday trading in F&O.

God knows, how they are still advertising even after SEBI’s clarification… Not only Wisdom many other Brokers are also advertising to allure lay people openly… That will be interesting to see after a couple of months…

Yes even Aliceblue is aggressively advertising their leverage during the last few days

They give max 15x as far I know …
in unlimited trading plans they give 20x …

60x , I doubt it …something is missing

It’s just an advertisement form wisdom! They really aint give 9x for most popular stocks! I tried! and you need to enter password for triggering every trade! F hell 2 years ago. Now i dont know!

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So when no leverage is there, what would be the margin for 1 lot of usdinr intraday ? Same as MIS or NRML ?


Same as NRML.

Ok and this would be from aug 21 ?

Will be phased reduction, starting from December 1st. You can get more details in this post.

Your zerodha brokarage calculator showing maximum brokarage 40 rs for even in intraday equity why?

The Brokerage is 0.03% or Rs. 20 per order, whichever is lower, (Buy and Sell are considered as two different orders)