Withdrawing funds from kite

by default funds are credited into your primary account. is there any way to credit funds into you secondary account ??

No, withdrawing funds will be credit to your primary account only.

Funds can be Withdrawn from your Trading Account to your Primary bank account only.
It’s because of Security reasons imagine if Someone get access to your Trading Account and He/she Tried to take funds out from your Trading account but the funds can be Withdrawn to only Primary Account so he/she will not be able to take your money.

If there will be any Instant Account adding process to the trading account If Account hacked He/she will Instantly add new bank account and will withdraw all you funds.

That’s why there is so Instant new bank Account adding facility. To add new account Brokers ask Documents.


I am facing difficulty in withdrawing funds from my kite account .
Is zerodha making things difficult to take the money out ,your Q has a ridiculous program which runs at 9 in the evning ,Since UPI is the morm for input if the balance is withdrawable it should be transferred with immediate effect.

Things are nt looking good from zerodha ,I have stopped my recommendation to others about it …Srry but this is the truth ,your service levels are droping at alarming levels .

may i know if i withdraw funds from Zerodha kite to my bank account will the amount be credited to my bank account the same day?

Your withdrawal request is processed at 8:30 PM on working days, once processed the funds will be transferred to your primary bank account within 24 hours.

Once it shows processed in console - why would it take 24 hours ? I mean RTGS is not 24x7 yet?

suppose my bank comes under RBI’s ban and there is a moratorium on withdrawal from my bank account. In such cases, will i be able to withdraw funds from kite to another bank account of mine?

Yes, you can change your primary bank account linked to Zerodha and able to withdraw to the new bank account which you have linked. Procedure for changing primary bank account is mentioned here.


Perhaps that adds a level of security ??

I have switched the secondary bank account to the primary. Now do the dividends of equities and Bonds will credit in new primary bank account or to the bank account which was the primary bank while purchasing the equity or bonds.

Corporate action benefits like dividends and interest rate payments for bonds will be credited to your new primary bank account.