Withdrawl of cash when cash holding is negative but still unused pledged margin

@nithin @ShubhS9

Is it possible for Zerodha to allow us to withdraw cash from our account (against our cash holding, not cash collateral holding) till pledged margins by us satisfy the 50% cash vs cash collateral margin and total margin vs available margin even after that cash amount withdrawal?

For example, an account has 7L pledged non-cash collateral and 3L cash with an 8L margin being used.

Now to maintain the 50% cash requirement, we are in 1L debit to Zerodha. Let us say the user wants to withdraw 1L. now account will have 7L pledged non-cash, and 2L cash which is still greater than the 8L margin being used, so Zerodha should allow the user to get his 1L cash and his debit will increase by 1L to 2L.

But at present it seems Zerodha will not allow us to do that.

If this is implemented it will help traders like me to still continue trading and not close our positions to get our running income out of Zerodha.

Hi @MayankMaheshwari, we’ll look into the feasibility. Thanks for the feedback.

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Hi @ShubhS9

Any update on the above?

@nithin @ShubhS9

Any chance of considering the above? Will be a great help to traders like me, to stay trading actively

Allowing cash withdrawals when the cash equivalent collateral margin is covering 50% of the margin requirement is on our list of things to do. We’ll keep this thread updated.

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Any updates on this feature?