World war 3 risk

What are the risk if world war 3 starts and something bad happened.

:grinning: The largest risk I can contemplate is end of earth.

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What will be it’s effect over indian stock market

:joy:you think stock market and cash will work if there is no earth crust to stand on ?

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Ha ha ha so what is your backup plan

I can’t afford to buy a spaceship so no backup. We will die together.


What if not a big scale impact taken place over India but total communication blackout happened stock market will run or not.

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones” - Albert Einstein.

Pithy quotes apart - a lot of simulations have been done to ascertain the outcomes of WW-III. Of course, the latest ones would be classified and the results unavailable to us but you can read about the possible outcomes based on the historical scenarios here:

To be even more specific, there us a book from USI dealing with the specifics of an asian nuclear war -

My personal opinion - in the event of WW-III, first, the equity markets will crash along with a spike in the price of Gold which has historically been viewed as a perennial and safe store of value. A lot of people who took the right positions out of foresight or luck will make a lot of money. BUT…by the time it takes for them to realise their gains, a near total blackout of communications and a partial blackout of the electric grid would have occurred resulting in the exchanges being non-functional.

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