Wrong Candle colour shown?

The last 15 minute candle is indicating totally different story than OHLC data. Can someone please explain it to me ?

Open : 1244.05
Low : 1244.05
High : 1255
Close : CMP in this case which is 1247.90.

That’s why I think, It should be green candle instead of red.

As per the screenshot the historical chart is dated 22/3/2018 and the market depth is of todays, please check and explain the query in brief, so that we can check

In the attached screenshot candles starts from 21/03/2018 and goes till today(28/03/2018). There is one entry of 28/03/2018, because this screenshot is taken before 9:30 AM.

Note : You may have already seen that, each candle time period is of 15 minutes.

Another gem :grinning:

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Can check this link and this one.

Thank you so much @siva. You have resolved my problem :roll_eyes::no_mouth: