Wrong icons for Import / Export in Basket?

Trivial issue. But since Zerodha prides itself on excellent design, I thought I should point this out.

The icons for “import” and “export” in the basket order section seem to have been jumbled up.
Import is usually a down arrow (like download), and export is an up arrow (like upload).
It’s the other way round here.

Please refer to the attached screenshots.

This is on Zerodha Kite - in the basket order section.

Hope this helps!

@nithin @ShubhS9

The icons imply importing a file (upload) and exporting a file (download). So it is correct.

Technically / theoratically, you are correct.

But the reason I would get confused while importing / exporting a basket, was because I always remember seeing the “up arrow” for export and “down arrow” for import.

Here are some references:

This is Google Contacts: (https://contacts.google.com/)

Import contacts:

Export Contacts:

Also, a quick google image search for “import icons” results in this:

And these are the results for “export icons”:

I’ve always thought of export (as in going out / or away) - and hence the up arrow for “out”
And import has always been coming in (from outside) - so the down arrow for “in”.

Also - I have to add, that it’s really heartening to know that you can find time to look into such small issues.

Thank you so much! @nithin

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