X date of HDFC LTD share

i want to known is there any annoucements on last X date of HDFC ltd share or is there any changes on ratio of HDFC ltd and HDFC bank share.

Yesterday was the announcement of the merger where investors who hold HDFC shares would get 42 shares of HDFC bank for every 25 shares held in HDFC. Now they will have to get regulatory and various other approvals. Only once everything is done will the record date be announced. I was listening to the various press conference where the time line is 12 to 18 months for the merger to be consummated.

Still lot of time to go.

Discl: Not an expert, this is what I gathered from the various press conference done by the management. I could be wrong.

There is no official announcement yet.

as @neha1101 says, it is a long process and cannot happen overnight.