XIRR on Console

Having a query on XIRR values shown on console

So I’m holding around 200 shares of hdfcbank, but my avg is 1600ish.
How is this XIRR calculated? What is the usecase of Historical check box and how does it affect

Can you Please help @Meher_Smaran

Also I’m only able to see XIRR for few stocks, for the rest the above error shows up on clicking Calculate XIRR

Checking this with team, @Krishnakumar

If this still persists, could you please DM your client ID & reference symbol?

If the historical check box is selected, we’ll fetch all the historical buy and sell trades to calculate XIRR. Otherwise, only the existing holdings breakdown is to be considered for XIRR calculation. This is being tested, and may not work as expected for a day or two.