Yes Bank again a Yes Bank?

Today Yes Bank stock price is going to hit its Upper Circuit of Rs.30.45 , is all bad things for Yes Bank is over , is it going to reach its peak price , :thinking:

Yes, sell your house and put the money in Yes bank stocks.

Peak price is 400. It has to hit upper circuit for 15 days to reach that.


Well i was mentioning about today"s price :slightly_smiling_face:

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And indeed it hit today"s UC

Congrats then, it hit the UC!

Its trading almost at the peak value only.
Peak price of 400 will not come anytime in the next few years
If it does, its Mcap will be 12 lakh crore
Current Mcap is 90,000 crores (10.5B). Peak valuation around 12 Billion in 2017


Thank You , well i was about its higher price , same thing happened with PNB , when i was bought it at 31,Many people are pessimistic about it at that time ,now its trading at the price of 124, another stock was Tata Motors :thinking:

In yes bank they issued a ton of shares as rights and other preferential shares to SBIN to bail out
so thats the difference between pnb and this

you also forgot to talk about IOB and TATA power aswell

You must know there was fundraising at lower price. You need to either see market cap of the bank or calculate weighted average to see its right ATH.

Edit: I was read post by post and replied. @Krishnakumar has already mentioned the same.

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Definitely there is a turnaround in Yes Bank , If i am right , i remember Yes Bank paid Rs13LKH Rent for a Branch office in BKC , at that time Yes Bank stock price was Rs.17 & i bought few Thousand shares , Even if one look at TA of Yes Bank there is a Break out in Yes Bank price ,

Thanks, did not know Yes Bank performed such a massive equity dilution.

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But there was a scam in PNB , now PNB added in MSCI index , just because of history , Yes bank may not under perform, after all we are in a Bull market :slightly_smiling_face: :thinking:

Didnt get your question

Yes PNB had a scam, they fixed it and it is doing well now
Yes bank is not even 1/10th of pnb’s book size and yet it had huge NPAs due to its risky lending practises to the level it collapsed

For yes bank to perform, it has to first increase the book size which doesn’t happen in 1-2 years, it takes a decade

This was my point , same thing will happen in Yes Bank too :slightly_smiling_face:

Valuations wise yes bank is already trading close to its highs only bro
So it has already recovered you can say :grinning:

Whatever be the Valuation of Yes Bank , i made some money & will make money by Trading Yes Bank Stock :grinning:

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holding from 18 going on a roller coaster ride thinking about buying a property after it recovers itself :thinking:

No roller coaster :grinning: only buying at low & selling at high from 18 :slightly_smiling_face:

Despite everything with the stock, it still have more PE than peers who are in a way better healthy books.