Yes Bank F&O Lot size

Why is Yes Bank’s F&O Lot size is increasing from 2200 to 8800 from Jan’20 onwards?

Contract value should be proper

Right now it is 70*2200 = 1.4 lacs which is a joke

They want it to be 5 lacs roughly across most stocks.


Makes sense

i am trading option with yesbank 2200 was good for me i have put in 5 lakhs and shorted put option last month.

i ended up making profit 19k for the first time in option selling thank to the lot size.

i do not know i can do the same on jan

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SEBI rule states minimum contract value for fo should be 5 lakhs, it it comes below that in next review it should go to 5 lakhs minimum.

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Haha yes even future trader will feel more comfortable. Its like a Mini lot which we have in Crude.

I took benefit of this last year with PCJEWELER. It was volatile but contract size was like 1.5 lacs so I didnt mind.

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