Yes bank: Follow-on Public Offer (FPO)

If you don’t have UPI, you can apply through ASBA service provided by your Bank. Read this to know more.

Yes Bank’s FPO kicks-off tomorrow and is open until 17th July. The bidding time is from 10 am to 5 pm.

The shares you purchase will be included in your existing Yes bank holdings. They will not list separately. The effect of buying the shares at Rs 13 would be similar to buying additional shares at that price on the trading terminal.

Is there any lock in period for alloted yesbank fpo shares, if i get alloted can freely sell on market

All your queries related to Yes Bank FPO are answered here Yes bank: Follow-on Public Offer (FPO)

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one more que
is this listing going to be same yes bank symbol or will list with the different symbol

It will be listed under same symbol.

If i apply for YES Bank FPO from my zerodha account…will the money be deducted from my zerodha account balance or from my bank account?Thanks

From your bank account.

Does anyone know if YesBank can still raise more money from anchor investors in this FPO. I read that for anchor investors the subscription date was 14Jul but I am not sure if it starts on 14Jul and ends on 17Jul or it was only for 1 day that is 14Jul. Any ideas anyone?

The subscription date will only be July 14th for the anchor book.

The Anchor investment is only made one day before the issue opens to the public. These investments are locked in for 30 days from the listing date which means the Anchor investor is not allowed to sell for that time period.

The investors who took part in the anchor portion can also take part in the main book. However, those investments will not be considered a part of the anchor portion and won’t have a lock in.

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What’s the definition or criteria for being anchor investor.Who are anchor investors according india laws

Anchor Investors are FII’s, DII’s. Basically people with deep pockets. You can get more information if you do Google Search,

Apply to Yes Bank FPO using Zerodha Console:

I have applied for FPO through Net Banking (ASBA) through my other broker. Now I am applying with Zerodha but an error is there (Applicant PAN already exists for the entered IPO). How to Apply through Zerodha

One can’t apply multiple times through multiple applications for IPO. It’s a rule and if you apply for IPO through multiple applications with same demat account or same PAN Number, your application will be rejected.

@ShubhS9 but brokers are different

Yes but your IPO application is mapped to your PAN, which are the same.

ok so I have the option of modify left then

@mohitmehra @AkshayAtur, I am an NRI, how can I apply for the FPO? I don’t have UPI enabled on my NRI account.

Zerodha allows IPOs/FPOs using UPI.

Banks haven’t extended UPI facility for NRIs (NRE & NRO accounts). Hence NRIs wouldn’t be able to apply for an IPO/FPO directly through Zerodha.

You can apply for an IPO through net banking ASBA service provided by your bank. Read this post explaining the process.

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