Yes bank: Follow-on Public Offer (FPO)

can someone apply for IPO/FPO with UPI and ASBA both ?

Only one application is allowed per PAN, so you can either apply through UPI or by ASBA.

both of u say different things !!!

What he meant was to wait for the UPI mandate. Should you not receive it, you should try using ASBA to apply and ignore/cancel the UPI mandate received.

If we bid at 12rs and the cut off goes for 13rs then what will happen the allotement will be there or not?

If cut-off happens at 13 then you won’t recieve the allotment.

Anyone else not recieved UPi payment mandate ? I am using Gpay havernt got till now (order placed at 1030)

I have not received UPI request till now though i applied for FPO in morning. What should I do then?

apply through internet banking, much faster process currently owing to the issues faced by the upi mandates imo

Cam i APPLY This FPO by net banking directly form my bank a\c, I don’t have

Yes, you can. Already answered above.

Are there any restrictions on FPO that it can get cancelled if 90% is not subscribed? I guess there is such a clause for IPO. I want to know if such a clause exists for FPO as well. What happens if this YesBank FPO is not fully subscribed? Any suggestions. @mohitmehra

If the fresh issue portion of either an IPO or FPO isn’t subscribed at least 90%, then its withdrawn. The Yes bank FPO is completely a fresh issue with no offer for sale portion.

Update: The underwritten portion for Yes bank is Rs 3000 crores out of around Rs 15000 crores its raising. So, the issue will go through even if the issue is subscribed for 80%.

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@mohitmehra suppsoe total shares for sale are 100 and the total subscription is received for 200 shares from 100 applicants , in this case no one will be alloted more then 1 share, right?

You can read this article to know how the allotment process is carried out in case of oversubscription.

Does the Face Value change ?

Face value is same, Rs 2

Is there any way to check the current subscription percentage from the exchange website?

In that case we will get our money back. right?

You can check the status on Go to public issue section, then click YesBank, then click BSE demand schedule

Yes, u will get your money back if FPO is withdrawn.