YES Bank lock in period ending

Yes bank’s 3 year period ends on 6th March 2023 which is tomorrow.

Will this lead to a sell off ? The banks which have bought stake in it are having a decent gain of 70% + considering CMP of 17

Where do you eventually see this stock heading towards?


Forgot about this, will sell after the lock in is over.

My question to the experts

Is yes bank at its present state is worth investing at 17.

Forget the background story. Can u get a banking franchise such as yes bank in present market

Disc. I am invested in this bank since rana kapoor time

Not an expert for sure but I think it is fairly valued at this price.
I had good holding at an average of 350 before we had all the drama. Further I bought heavily at 12 when it came up with FPO. Since then I have sold and bought multiple times. Every time there is an increase of 10 percent I have sold some quantity and on dip of 5 percent I have bought back back quantity. Last I sold almost 50 percent of what I had at 23 and again bought it back at 19. So after doing all this for 3 plus years, I still need yes bank to touch 28 to recover my cost. (This is calculated as invested value plus loss booked divided by remaining number of shares. Loss is booked because of fifo method. )
Ah. Long way to go. I will keep buying and selling to bring my average down.

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revisiting lesson of learning to cut losses Jason bhai :smiley:

Bank stocks are very ethics sensitive

From what little I know, financial institutions are a different beast, unlike other companies which you can study on your own and invest. The business of lending is complicated, combined with many financial and accounting terms which are exclusive to such business.

So if you are looking to increase your stake, I suggest you to go through the fundamentals of the business, deposits, segments they are offering loans to, interest rates impact, new branches opening, credit cards, businesses they are affiliated with, listen to the conference calls of the bank, if they are conducting them etc.

I invested in the bank without any idea, in Rana Kapoor’s time, and this is my biggest loss, will be my biggest loss, as the capital is almost wiped off :grin:


You are w.r.t financial institutions, you certainly will have insights :grin:

The balance sheet looked strong even then. You can only see what’s presented to you. A lot of adjustments are made to window dress the financials.
I do statutory audits of PSBs. The way the closing adjustments are done to boast deposits and loans, it’s very very difficult to detect with the limited resources that we have.


Just trying to get out of it asap. Wise thing was to just book loss and get out. But then just gangling the amount I can afford to lose to cover some losses. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You saying that means something.

The very reason why, a certain premium is always given by the market, to some managements for perceived integrity.

I am talking about PSB where the majority shareholder is CG.
So you can imagine how will it be in private sector. :sob::sob:

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Yes I understood that, all is well that ends well.

Honeybees around honey, books may get cooked in such businesses :grin:

I was just referring to a notion that, banking or other business, when the market believes a management, a premium is given to the stock.

Yes Bank is visible in Kite Portfolio screen from today ?

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Smart recovery from Yes Bank which opened 10% lower but recovered almost everything

My shares got released, I can sell now and say goodbye to Yes Bank.

Yes Bank was yes for RK - been a no no for me :face_with_spiral_eyes:

A very newbie mistake.