Yes bank, what will happen now

View on yes bank ??? Intraday, positional???

Better to react, than predict

Yes bank will fall but intraday position depends on how much gap down it opens. If huge gap down more than 15 points please avoid in first 15 minutes and monitor the stock movement before you short sell

All pure opinion and not a qualified advise. Better to consult fin advisor

September 20, 2018 (Europe: Paris), September 19, 2018 (America: Los Angeles)
Yes Bank Reaching its Monthly demand Area Stop Loss 274, Entry could be 288, till then sell on highs with Stop Loss of 3 candles behind ur entry

yes bank on morgan stanley - yesbank target price is 25 - even rakesh jhunwala also trapped

YES Bank fund raising at Rs 45 a share? Morgan Stanley just cut its price target

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I sold 3/4 of my holding at 16000 loss. Will offload half of my remaining holding too. Yes bank might recover in very long term but its still a risk to hold. Instead better invest the money on good large caps.

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Yes bank target from credit suisse , morgan stanley revised target @25 rs , see this bank business based on corporate , no one is not coming to fund this bank , because retail participation is very low , they are telling yes bank will consider retail based business, its really hard , No comman man doesin know YES bank is a bank . its really diffcult to do business as banking for yes bank . just stay away from this bank , i think this bank will merger with any other finally that will happen before merger his price will go down to below 25

@Nat , i am investing in bank bees ETF for long time ago its giving 16% + CAGR every year , let think alternative

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@Riyas_Ahamed Wish I wasn’t a complete noob when it came to ETFs, just feel like I’d mess up the buying prices, choosing when to (when drops happen) etc.

Might just go into n50, nn50 index and leave it at that.

i am doing SIP , in bank bees , whenever more than 500 point down i will buy more than usual , this is my strategy in bank etf, when you are comparing N50 NN50 , bankbees will give 5 % more return