You can't trade USDINR on Zerodha!

This is madness , Now You can’t practically trade USDINR in Zerodha!!

50 Lots is peanuts!!

Maximum position currently allowed on USDINR (across contracts and exchanges) is 50 lots due to Exchange open interest restrictions. Current position quantity: 0 lots. Read more.

Please @Tradingqna Please resolve this ASAP!!

Hi @AlgoEye, the maximum quantity that can be bought or sold for USDINR F&O contracts is restricted due to member-level open interest limits. Explained in detail here: Why is there a restriction in placing new NRML orders in some currency contracts?

Btw, now there is no restriction for USDINR.

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Many thanks :blush:. I literally started searching to move my business to other brokers after seeing that restrictions. Phewww…