You Could Have Reaped In Profit. But You Didn't Care .😉

Below Is The Levels That I’ve Shared On Dec 19th 2019. That Means More Than A Month Ago. Look At The Plotted Prices.





And Today Look At Where The Fire Started

actually I was testing our first algorithm in those days. and I’ve posted lots of other stocks and levels, but nobody cared. I stopped posting a couple of days after that because I thought you guys don’t deserve it. when we give out something for free, people think it’s useless. but what I gave out was pure diamond and you could have made a lot of money

Here Is The Link To The Previous Post

99% of the market participants feel that they could have, should have, would have made money.

The remaining 1% actually make money.

What’s the point of your post? Why the rant?


“Could have”… “Would have”… Tired of these words… heard them too many times…

Anyway… congratulations…

Yes, I didn’t care… haha… and I am proud of it…

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I was introduced to the markets around a year ago.

I saw people who know nothing about markets teaching others how to trade.

I saw people using traditional methods which no longer works.

I saw Indian retail traders not having decent tools to get an edge

it goes on and on

I’m an extremely passionate programmer.

So I thought I could throw some help. I learned everything which I thought is logical.

I took my Major Project Topic As Applying Machine Learning Techniques For Automating Day Trading In Indian Capital Markets. I’ve spent 14 Hours A Day and sleepless nights to demystify this entire puzzle. i felt like quitting. but then, one day everything made sense. every candle stick told me a story. every tool i’ve built give me insights. i started making money.

I tried sharing some of my insights which a retail trader may not have access to. but nobody wanted it.

now I’ve Heroku professional dynos running in the cloud which cost me around 25-500 USD every month. and Datafeed costs separate

I’m not selling you anything. it’s just the gratification that I get from this. it’s really sad to see people running behind courses when they have worthless info waiting for them in the internet for free. just wanted to prove that. that’s the point of this post.

with market data available for anyone, it’s becoming more easy for analysis. you’re own the wave. capture it now before it becomes mainstream.

peace. x

Relax man, get some sleep, maybe you’d act saner then.

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What are you talking about? Can you direct me towards that source of information?

its all over internet. search for it. take paid courses curriculum, search for the topics covered. then expiriment on a paper trading platform. in india there are no proper papertrading platform. but one is coming. Something i’ve built. i’ll make the beta available in around a month.

i’m ready to make any tool that anyone wants, if its helpful for the normal retail trader.


I Love your passion…

Please tell us what programming languages you use…

How can a person who is not at all into these things get started ?

Where did you learn these things from ?

Dont take my previous statement as criticism… I’m just too lazy to learn because… " I dont know the path… to become a pro coder like you…" hehe… Everytime I picked up a course… say Javascript or C#, all I did was do the hello world program and bail out :blush:

So, tell me how someone like me can learn the stuff you implement…


It is not just about giving a call that is going to happen today. I’ve given it a month ago. its the most important levels. 1 Month After, On A Budget Day With Extream Volatility If The Level Goes With Clinical Precision what you got against me.

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You seem like doing big help to community , Whats the use of sharing levels to retailers ?

Rule No : 1 - Do not follow other tips or advice to take calls

It would be great if you teach how to draw levels or something to others.

I’m new to markets. but do you know what big players are doing? big players don’t lose money. whatever happens, they have the money power to do it. so look at the data and you’ll find stories that are fascinating.

now about randomness. go check that thread. it’s not only ITC. Check everything I’ve posted and looked at how perfectly it worked. the level.

I don’t tell you I’ve got a 100% accuracy. mine will be about 70. but most of the time it’s of 1/5 Risk To Reward. you know that matter right?

i’m a JavaScript Engineer.
I’m Running A Node.Js App on Heroku
And I use Python For Analysis
And Firebase For Storing Data.

i’ve learned to program, not because i want to program. but i needed to build things, i needed to take my ideas and dreams to the real world. so its that passion to build something that have taken me this far. so thats what i’ve got to tell you. find that passion that burns you. you will do whatever it takes. if you want to learn programming, think about something that you wants to build. when ever you learn a programming feature think about how you can use that to build your product. you’ll find thins journey fascinating, intresting and you wont ever get on a Hello World. you’ll find yourself wanting to quit. but don’t. keep trying.

if you want to start with programming for trading, the simple thing will be to go for Pine Script from tradingview.

and ignore all the indicators. think logically. use Price, Volume, OrderFlow, Volume Profile And All those things that are more logical. never ever take a trade because indicators said you something.

when people tell you about Support And Resistance. think which are the most powerful support and resistance. when you see price rejecting. think which are the most powerful rejections. when price reaches a point, think is it becuase there are buyers. is it because sellers are not selling to them. is it because people are covering shorts. think about all those rather than some colorful curves on your screen. i only use VWAP as an indicator.


“You give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.”

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MIS only.
12.5 Leverage Maximum.
Most of the time i only trade stocks in news.
earnings seasons are my favourite time to trade

After Using Leverage. ( i wonder whether before or after leverage make sense. its a ratio. not something that changes with your capital )

When You Find The Right Levels you can keep extremely tight stop loss, but you don’t get stopped out easily. I’ve wondered every time seeing how tight my stop loss is.

its a privilage that you get when you get to understand what others are doing at that price. suppose a strong market participant is holding that level, he is out, i’m out too.

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Most Of The Time Its Limit. Sometimes I don’t enter at full quantity for the first time. I wait for some little pullbacks and scale the trade. you know the total R/R also changes at those situations. but most of the time market gives me the time to enter my full quantity at the same price.

Would love to use that !

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I don’t care what others say or think, but being an analyst myself, I have started loving ur ideas.
Pl share ur contact info so that we can go ahead with the conversation and see where we go from here.

Hi Akash, I am able to find my previous reply and not sure if it has been moderated. I don’t know anything about programming or trading as well. I’ve lost so much in trading in the meantime. Can you help creating a tool for me for currency trading purpose.

tell me more about it what kind of tool do you want