Your article --" Option buying: The riskiest trade out there.."

Thanks 4 the above informative article. You rightly preferred OPTION STRATEGY over NAKED OPTION to reduce the risk . But to execute 3/4 legs option strategy there is always possibility of slippages because of time gap of execution of different legs and You may advocate for using basket order but my question is ” do you have any plan to integrate software like BLITZ with kite , so that whole 3/4 legs strategy ( total basket) can be placed with a single limit price and stop loss can be placed for the whole basket as a whole and not just for individual legs ?”

This is not possible in India, it works when there is request for quote (RFQ) option is available. All trades happen only on exchanges in India, unlike in US where orders can be sent to any market maker they want and can request for particular quote for any strategy. Alternatively one should automate this and place orders when it is within particular pre defined range.

Then how is it possible with BLITZ software? How IIFL is offering BLITZ to it’s client by which one can place Combine entry price /stop loss order for straddle ? :thinking: :thinking: