Your personal finance checklist for 2020 - don't do dumb things!

Index fund NOT EQUAL TO CDOs.
CDO = Wrapper on an existing asset class, which was tranched out.
Index fund = mutual fund. No exotic wrapping.

Just because smart people something doesn’t make it true. I can argue all day WITH DATA against this absolutely silly/dumb view but it’s been distorted beyond recognition, so it’d be pointless.

Future nobody has seen, that makes your comment worthless.

Really dude? You are one who made a time-machine comment.

Yeah, everybody knows that. In the link he was implying how Index Funds can be a time-bomb like CDOs

I know, doesn’t make it true. Like I said, if it’s anything other than he said, she said, I can argue all day long against this nonsesne. :slight_smile:

Its not nonsense, its economics. Markets aren’t really affected by quarterly performances or the so-called “cycles”. Markets are affected by broad policy changes and other macroeconomic factors. To dismiss a valid argument as nonsense just make a point isn’t going to cut it, at the end of the day its the average investor who is going to take the blow of making the wrong choices based on somebody’s misleading jargon. I am here just putting the other side of the argument so people can see through the bs.

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I used time machine analogy because I want you to feel the real environment of those times when everybody was talking about doom’s day is coming,there is no future of India, Indian economy bound to collapse etc. etc…

You don’t need a time-machine for that, you need google. The 1991 reforms was a turning point in the Indian economy, its because the govt made a huge policy shift and adopted market economics there was a positive turn in the growth of the country. Today its different, the conservative approach of the govt and many wrong decisions like tax-terrorism, multi-slab gst and demonetization are making the investors worried, this means markets can be unpredictable. All I suggested was to wait and watch rather than rush prematurely into some major investment decision.

Don’t worry uncle , do SIP in ETF I don’t have time machine where can I get

All the environment are passed by warren buffet now he is 2 richest person in the world

My father experienced those gloomy eras personally, he too had the exact emotions that you are having now, people were discouraging my father not to invest, each day newspapers were bombarding of doom’s day predictions, that’s why you see from the statistics that only 3 percent investors created wealth over the years. People lost more money on predicting the market or economics.

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That’s my point my Riyas. Markets or Economies are extremely unpredictable, one thing is certain India’s growth is unbeatable, there may be some hiccups but over time it will be okay.

You don’t need any time machine, just ask any person who was invested in those times.

Markets always up and down in nature , dont predict the direction of market , i investing from 2007 in one stock still i am investing i am not worry .the stock name is icici bank started price is 142 every month 2000 , i seen lot of up and down i am a long term investor , now i am investing in ETF also every month , do SIP nothing to worry we can protect our portfolio through option market


I do agree with some posters when investing in commodities will do the whole job anyway on so many level I can’t even stress this about. Care to share some more thoughts? Mutual funds in India will not outbid stocks in the US, correct?

Thats informative.

But what about building a separate income stream?
I feel it’s often missed and underrated in personal fin plan. But having a passive separate income stream other than your regular job is great.

Many of us do it and many don’t. It might be a small business as a side hustle or may be just plain old rent paying real estate or may be just part time trading to generate some extra cash every month.

What are your thoughts?

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@Akhilesh_khajuria there is one quote from warren buffet

Regular going job will not a solution for long term problem ,
I am a full time trader , i have different kind of income stream for me now , i never dependent or believe a single income , its mine , others dont have means its must have,
always try to create a second or third or fourth income ,
if you want to become a business man or full time trader , if you don’t have second source of income , just forget to doing a business


Can u share other sources of income

riyas bhai sources??

passive income he created

Dividend from stock holding
REIT investment
Rental from one house
Monthly income from liquid fund ( Large corpus)
And from covered call

i asked the same question to him months ago :sweat_smile:

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@vishnux @shiiromani
Yes You are almost correct , but you not fully understand about passive income
There is two type of passive income one is ONLINE passive income second one is OFFLINE passive income
in passive income also i am fully diversified

Online passive income
1-REIT investment & INVIT also 70:30
2-dividends from stock holding
3-Monthly income from liquid fund (large corpus fund )
4-covered call from stock and ETF holding (Monthly Basics)

Offline Passive income
1- I have one Service apartment yearly fetching 10% every year (Distributing Rent on monthly basics)
2-I have one Rental House yearly 3% every year ( Distributing Rent on monthly basics )
3- I have partner in one running BUS Business also ( fetching yearly 19% ) (Distributing profit on monthly basics )

Currently this much of passive income i have , in future i will add some other business also (Planning to invest In agriculture also )

Note: even I Know the business fully understand , i will never invest whole money on those business , even in trading (or) offline business

All investment not invest from my own pocket , All investment i done through my option trading profit only
All investment I choose as Serious streams of income for me and my family . details you can find in some books like passive income , its not easy as a cup of tea for somebody , Because discipline living is most important to create a passive income

Because why i love PASSIVE income , Here MONEY is working for me