Your view on Vakrangee Ltd?

Vakrangee has dropped from 500 to 364 level.
What I read in the news is :

What’s your view on this scrip in the short term? More downside?
However, Vakrangee has given a clarification regarding this news article. You may read it here Vakrangee clarification
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Now, The stock is in Negative News.
Highly Speculative.

But While looking at Chart I think it will continue Downtrend.
I think 320-330 levels It can test in worst case.

You holding Position or planning to Enter?


Not holding any position…I was planning to enter in it but thought why take risk when there are other good alternatives :joy:

Should we short sell it now…

On Long run Company is Good for Investment.
Numbers are Good and Consistent Profits.

I think Investors those who have faith in this company will start Entering in These Levels for Investment.

Once controversy will get over it will again start it’s Uptrend no doubt.

Yeah! That’s what I was thinking too… Let’s see the action tomorrow

It is in Sell side till 280-300

Today I tried to short this, unfortunately to my bad luck it went up by 5 rs and I lost 25k.

but if that didn’t happen, then I would have been in profit of 2 lakhs.

You mean your stop loss got triggered?

Hit lower circuit today also.

what’s Going on in Vakrangee why it kept on hitting lower circuits does anybody know ?

Charges of stock price and volume manipulation on the company.

Check this link :slight_smile:

Yes My Stop loss got triggered.

Never catch a falling knife! It might cut something really important.


I agree. In cases like these (recently Videocon), retail traders don’t really know the whole story ; stock might keep hitting lower circuit for several days and traders buying the temporary bounce can be trapped for some deep cuts. Better to let the stock settle down first and make a new base formation.

In situations like these I always remind myself that there are much bigger & savvier investors (like Mutual funds, FIIs) who are hungry and always hunting for value buying in this expensive market. So, if they didn’t bother buying the stock today (down 20%), why should I act smarter ?

~Neha (


@Sanket @Neha_Raghuraman Completely agree with you guys

Someone sent me this snapshot of high deliverable % in Vakrangee yesterday, citing a case for bottom fishing and I sent them the delivery stats for Videocon (below).

Look, I don’t know if Vakrangee is good buy at these levels or not; all I know is that delivery stats can not be relied upon.

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Stay out of it would be my advice …

Check PC jewellers. it seems Vakrangee had picked stake in PC Jewellers

Sebi or NSE didnt gave any circular regarding this stock …
Only Mumbai mirror news bleeds the stock on past period…

The company also explained the its fake news …